The appointment of U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy, Republican from South Carolina, was exciting news for those of us interested in outing all the facts about the disaster that occurred in Benghazi.  A former prosecutor, Mr. Gowdy has promised publicly that he will get to the truth.

With a budget of over $3M, he has hired staff and is scheduling hearings hopefully starting in September of 2014.  Although the Committee has been quiet this summer, a recent press release suggests that hearings will begin this fall.  We look forward to seeing progress towards getting all the facts out in the sunshine.

It is a shame that the so called mainstream media has avoided any type of in-depth analysis or fact collection regarding what occurred in Benghazi.  It is beyond lazy that approaching the second anniversary of Benghazi, no investigative reporters have pursued this disaster letting the chips fall where they may as opposed to regurgitating spin.

We pray that Mr. Gowdy and this congressional panel are successful in bringing to light all the facts, whatever they are.