Volume 1, Issue 1

Did Obama, Biden, and Clinton Watch Them Die?

Let’s Show WE CARE

When do you think those two American Patriots, Wood and Doherty, realized they had been abandoned?

For over five agonizingly long, exceptionally lonely and desperate hours Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, both ex-Seals, armed with heavy machine guns fought to their death against 120 heavily armed Muslims with mortars and rocket propelled grenades while at least one American drone watched the battle beaming live video to DC to Obama, Biden, Clinton, Panetta, and Petraeus’s offices. Some early reports indicated that during that time Wood and Doherty called in for air strikes, used lasers to target the mortars, and requested reinforcements.

Based on a variety of news reports in various media, on September 11, 2012, approximately 120 Muslim terrorists attacked our American Ambassador and his two body guards at an American facility in Benghazi, Libya. Hearing their request for help, like a modern day Daniel Boone going to The Alamo, Tyronne Wood reportedly ran one mile to help defend our facility. The Ambassador and one of his two body guards may have died early in the battle.

That evening, both General Carter Hamm (in command of the American forces in North Africa) and Rear Admiral Gaovette (in command of the American fleet in the middle east) were relieved of their commands. Speculation is that they had ordered reinforcements to Benghazi.

Subsequently, the White House and State Department issued a statement that this attack was a spontaneous riot by Muslims upset by an obscure video. Was it to facilitate a cover up that Obama went so far as to give a speech at the UN wherein he apologized multiple times for some obscure video?  It is particularly interesting that his disclosure of the video reportedly caused a disturbance in Egypt after his speech had made Muslims aware of the video.

How about the statements of Obama, Biden, and Clinton during the campaign last fall that they knew nothing of the fight until it was over? Are we to believe that on the 11th Anniversary of September 11, not one single American was watching the live video being sent from Benghazi to the White House, State Department, and Pentagon?

Was only the CIA watching? That cannot be accurate because if Obama was not watching the live Benghazi video how would he know to tell Panetta at the Defense Department to relieve of command both Gen. Hamm and Rear Admiral Gaovette?

It seems the Main Stream Media (MSM) is not interested in digging out the facts about the Benghazi attack. Apparently, no one in the Obama Administration cares about the four men America abandoned and left to die in Benghazi.

If you care that we abandoned four fellow Americans and left them to die in Benghazi, here are two items you can do:

1. Maximize the number of bumper stickers seen across the USA . Let’s bypass the media and call attention to this dastardly act.

2. Raise funds for the families America abandoned.  Your purchase of bumper stickers will help.  Throughout 2013 we will donate any surplus over our costs to those families.

If we do nothing, we will never have the complete truth.  If we do nothing, we will have participated in the cover up.

If millions draw attention to this issue through buying bumper stickers, we can

1.  force full disclosure of the facts,

2.  demonstrate our appreciation for their sacrifice, and

3.  contribute financially to the families because