Volume 1, Issue 2

The Benghazi Drama – Updates

Still Being Ignored by the Media, No One is Connecting the Dots

or No One Cares

Some fascinating acts in this drama that have unfolded since September 12:

1. Both Clinton and Panetta have announced their resignations from their offices.

Could it be they both want to get away from the vile act of abandoning Americans in Benghazi?  Maybe there are even more facets to this unreported story that would put their fortunes at risk if exposed. Do you wonder what the complete truth is to this shameful story?

2. Petreaus Resigns at CIA Over his Extra-Marital Affair

Only Petreaus of the CIA ordered reinforcements to go to Benghazi. However, those reinforcements had to travel from Tripoli by land which was described as taking six hours. Isn’t it odd that they had to travel by land?  Did we not have any aircraft available?

An even more fascinating fact is that his extra-marital affair was made public AFTER Petreaus made public a statement that he had sent reinforcements in contrast to the statements of Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Panetta that no assets were available to assist Wood and Doherty. Yet other reports stated that Obama knew about the affair BEFORE appointing Petreaus to the CIA.

3. Mark Warner, (D., VA) Confirms Drones on Site But Dodges Other Questions

In late November in an interview with Chris Wallace, Senator Mark Warner admitted that at least one American drone was overhead during the battle in Banghazi. However, Mark Warner refused to answer whether or not the drone was armed. Logic suggests that only if it was armed would one hesitate to admit that an armed drone was on site but not used to assist Wood and Doherty in their mortal battle.  Is Warner participating in the cover up?

4. Called to testify under oath before Congress on Benghazi, Hillary Clinton develops a concussion.

How did she get a concussion? The Main Stream Media once again is ignoring this facet so it has not seen any reason to seek an explanation of the origin of the concussion.

5. When is a resignation not a resignation? Perhaps it is when one needs to cover up.

The “independent State Department investigation” issued its report in mid December citing inadequacies and failures in protecting the State Department employees. It also deftly gilded over the actions of the Administration and Obama, Biden, and Clinton on September 11 ignoring the live video feed from the drones, the “reassignment” of General Hamm and Rear Admiral Gaovette, and the fact that four Americans were abandoned to fight to their death.

As a result, four State Department officials “resigned”. However, 10 days later it came to light that they were shifted to other jobs within the State Department. If we had real press/media reporters working this case, we might find out if this is a payoff for keeping quiet.