Vol. 1, Issue 4

Is Political power more important than American lives?

The testimony before Congress last week by Mr. Hicks, a career employee of the U S State Department and second in command to Ambassador Stevens, makes clear that on September 11, 2012, Obama and Clinton decided that abandoning Americans in Benghazi to their death was an acceptable price for staying in power.  That opinion became apparent when Mr. Hicks’s testimony displayed that a terrorist attack would have demanded a military response while a riot would not require our response.

Faced with sending our forces to rescue our fellow Americans in Benghazi would clearly have both identified the battle as a terrorist attack and exposed the “Obama Clinton Lead From Behind” as … well, behind.

Do you wonder if Sean Smith and Glen Doherty, fighting for seven hours against overwhelming odds realized they had been abandoned by America so that Obama and Clinton could stay in political power?  From my perspective, that was far too high a price.

For the record...It Matters to Me, Hillary.