Does it bother you that for over five hours, Wood and Doherty fought an overwhelming force calling for aid that never cameabandoned by Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Panetta?

Does it bother you that Obama and Company “spun” a tale as to what happened in Benghazi to disguise their starring role in this nefarious deed?  How about the two military officers whose careers were ended?  What about the poor man in California who made an obscure video no one has watched but who is now in prison?  What about Obama apologizing for our freedom of speech at the UN?

The media and Obama want this to be buried.  Clinton and Panetta have already announced they are leaving their respective offices.

The Bible teaches that if we witness a sin and do nothing about it, that sin becomes ours.  Individually we may not have position or power, but together we are a force that can overcome anything or anyone.

If you are as outraged about this as we, please join us in getting these bumper stickers visible around the USA.  If we can get millions of these on vehicle bumpers we will raise the visibility of this issue so high that even the media will need to pay attention.

This is not a for profit exercise.  We are trying to keep the costs low to maximize the number of stickers.  After our expenses, if there is any profit from the sale of these bumper stickers, it will be given to the families of the Benghazi 4 as a token of your appreciation for their sacrifice.

In those immortal words of 9-11-2001, “Let’s Roll!”