The Benghazi Drama – Vol 1.2

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SCOTCHTOWNE PRESS Volume 1, Issue 2 The Benghazi Drama – Updates Still Being Ignored by the Media, No One is Connecting the Dots or No One Cares Some fascinating acts in this drama that have unfolded since September 12: 1. Both Clinton and Panetta have announced their resignations from their offices. Could it be they both want to get away from the vile act of abandoning Americans in Benghazi?  Maybe there are even more facets to this...

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Let’s Show WE CARE – Vol 1.1

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SCOTCHTOWNE PRESS Volume 1, Issue 1 Did Obama, Biden, and Clinton Watch Them Die? Let’s Show WE CARE. When do you think those two American Patriots, Wood and Doherty, realized they had been abandoned? For over five agonizingly long, exceptionally lonely and desperate hours Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, both ex-Seals, armed with heavy machine guns fought to their death against 120 heavily armed Muslims with mortars and rocket propelled...

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Does it bother you that for over five hours, Wood and Doherty fought an overwhelming force calling for aid that never came…abandoned by Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Panetta? Does it bother you that Obama and Company “spun” a tale as to what happened in Benghazi to disguise their starring role in this nefarious deed?  How about the two military officers whose careers were ended?  What about the poor man in California who made an obscure...

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